Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mid Week Adventures

It was nice to see Bujang exploring other parts of the park. These roots held a fascination for him and I was glad there were no ants here.  
He went to his favourite part of the park but the Town Council had trimmed the grass here. Even the bushes were shorter and so he didn't get as much joy. He didn't linger nor did he sit to watch the goings-on.
He loves ixora for their sweet smell. These were the only bushes with flowers on them still. 
I was quite surprised that he would pee outside of his box. This border was particularly interesting for him and he took some time smelling the edges. Then he turned around and peed. I guess it was some kind of outdoor toilet for commcats and dogs.  
He was quite adventurous this morning. We were here at about 7.15 and we went home a little later after 8. The sun was out and it became too hot to walk about then.  


Kari said...

Bujang looks like he's really enjoying his outing.
Maybe he pees on that particular spot to claim it as his own and let the other cats know Mr. Bujang is here. He's such a handsome cat.

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

Bujang, you always look so dashing in your red harness jacket. What a lovely park you have - so lush and green. The flowering bushes are lovely.