Monday, May 09, 2016

Monday Mood


Poppy is having a very difficult time with our lodger Rezki. We have been trying to comfort her and explain the whole situation with her for a month (that is how long Rezki has been with us). She feels that he has the potential to make her life more limited in terms of space, time and attention. All this is true of course, especially space as she shares the kitchen with Rezki but we try as much as possible to give her as much time in the kitchen as possible and Rezki is only allowed into the kitchen when she is napping in the study. 
Rezki on the other hand is a confident kitty and has learnt that this is a good place to sit and view the space. He walks in and out of rooms fearlessly and shows great respect to the resident cats, especially Bujang. Even Akira showed no fear when he took a peek at her on the couch. But he is only allowed out under close supervision and when Popps is asleep in the study with the gates closed. He has never been allowed in the study so Popps would have peace of mind there at least.
He is still in the house as we have to give him SubQ twice a week (if possible) but once a week is compulsory. He is also going to acupuncture twice a month as recommended by Dr Oh. So this is the only reasonable solution for now until his kidneys get better or as near to its normal function as we can get it. He is now eating his tcm like the rest as in this way, we can ensure that he gets the full dose.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Rezki is such a sweetheart.

We have understand Popps somehow also. Probably so many of her own fears and insecurities come to the surface in seeing another kitty in this type of situation. all we can tell you, Popps, is that humans can love several kitties with all of their hearts. Your place is safe, little girl.

The Chans

Kari said...

Yes, we think Popps feels insecure for her place. Maybe if she could observe Rezki from a comfortable vantage point and see that the other cats accept him and that he is very respectful and means no harm she would relax.
He sounds like such a wonderful cat and he is just so incredibly cute! We just love him more and more with each thing we learn about him. He is a treasure. God bless him. Kiss him for us.
Rezki will not take your love, Popp's. Everyone will love you more for your kindness to him