Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday News

During the long weekend San was very busy going to the PetExpo2016. It's an annual exhibition for pet foods and all manner of pet accessories. There were seminars, dog training sessions and adoption drives. San left us much to our own devices as she was attending the Masterclass Conference - The Science and Application of Animal Rehabilitation Therapies organized by PetExpo and ARCH Health Services. 

She was very pleased to see all of our vets and therapists there. 
Dr Jean Paul Ly  used to be our rainbow brother Megat's vet when he was going through lymphoma.  He used to kiss Megat on his head at every consultation and was very kind to waive fees for the many consultations and ultra sound sessions that Megat had at the end. He also offered Megat a place in the memorial room but san wanted Megat home with us.  He was also the vet who had done the surgery for our brother Totoro but it was not possible to save him. We were very lucky to have met Dr Ly who has been a holistic vet for 41 years. He is also the consultant for ARCH Health Services and gave very good advice at the Q&A sessions especially regarding the controversial issue of giving kidney cats proteins.
Our osteopath Dr Adrian Lalani who spoke about osteopathy and animals. He showed Tanaka's picture on one of his slides. 
But san thinks the original picture was better. Of cos she did not have it on hand to show you how beautiful my brother Tanaka was in the original picture.
Our acupuncturist Dr Oh Soon Hock who was speaking about how TCM had helped a Pomeranian who had a tumour in his brain and how the doggie had lived 2 more very happy years with his persons. San also listened to Ozone Therapy, Chiropractic therapy and Hydro Therapy. But what she thought would help us would be Dr Lucia Meijer whom she met a long time ago when she consulted Dr Ly about my sister Akira. She thinks Body Talk would be the way to go for Akira as well. San spoke to her personally and she said we can go to her website to see the techniques of Body Talk. Dr Meijer website is at before deciding if this is the way to go.

One important point that Dr Ly made was that it was time to go beyond conventional veterinary medicines and its time to explore various kinds of rehabilitation therapies in conjunction with conventional medicines.San agrees totally.
This is Fern, the lady who gives us weekly Reiki and talks to us every week. She is our very own psychiatrist. She was not a speaker at the conference but she has helped us in many ways as well.

san says she would be lucky to have any of these therapies herself and so on behalf of my brothers and sister, I thank san who loves us and would do everything she can to make sure we are ok. [san made me say that!]


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

You are so very lucky, Amigoes, to have a San who is so concerned and serious about making your life as good as it can possibly be.

#1 will PM San later to ask some questions about protein and renal issues as it is of interest now with Sei-Chan.

The Chans

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

What a great opportunity to learn more about therapies and issues in pet health and care. There was a similar pet expo in Toronto over the weekend and I wish I had had the time to attend. Have a great week, Kitties.

Kari said...

Excellent resource for animal owners. We wish our Mum could have attended. We have nothing like that where we live.
We agree 100% with Dr.Ly. TCM helped us tremendously with post operative bleeding. Coagulation studies ok, no loose or missing sutures, but bleeding. TCM begun with one very tiny golden pill and then the adjusted dose for animal. Worked splendidly when nothing else did.

meowmeowmans said...

That Pet Expo sure sounds like it was very informative and enlightening!