Sunday, February 21, 2016

Easy Peasy Sunday

We had a quiet week and we are grateful for it. Apart from our trips to acupuncture had nothing to complain about. San gave us all omega 3 in our TCM as she knows we will not eat it in our food and she said we appear to sleep more and scratch less. San read that omega 3 will help us with our skin allergies and will help Bujang with his osteoarthritis. Bujang does not have a slip disc (which we are all grateful for) but he has athritis of the spine because of his age (we had an X-ray done for his back last Dec). 

It could just be that we are getting into the rhythm again after the Popps' bout of fever. We are looking forward to Popps getting her whiskers back though as she broke them all by rubbing her face on the dining table chairs. Of cos now our dining table has no chairs! San says cats come first then furniture.

Once we finish our bottle of salmon omega 3, San will give us one from sardines and anchovies. We think it would taste nasty but San says we will have to try. 
One of these days we will have to tell San that we are cats and not guinea pigs!!


meowmeowmans said...

We are happy your week went well. We hope the omega 3 helps you all out. We are purring and praying that Popps' whiskers grow back very soon. San is the best; we love that she know that you cats come first.

Hugs to you all.

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

Tanaka, the salmon oil and the anchovies are good for you. Poor Bujang having arthritis in his back. My Jessica had arthritis in her legs and was on codeine to help ease the pain. We like the carry box you have for Bujang. I must try to find something like that for the new kitty who came to live with me few days ago. Have a good week.

Kari said...

Poor Bujang. Spinal arthritis is awful.
Our vet just started our Spirit on omega 3 too! We hope we all do well taking it. Vet said her dog had lots of skin issues that it seemed to help. Spirit is taking it for red raw spots which are excruciatingly painful in his throat. He gets a steroid shot every three weeks but the raw areas never fully clear up. We will follow you with great interest.
Have a lovely Sunday, dear friends.