Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thursday Tweet for Jeffrey

                 Is there more tuna?

We were supposed to meet with Jeffrey's prospective adopters today but they decided to adopt one of their friend's cats instead. Although we were disappointed, we are looking forward to his next adoption event on 17 May for senior pets. There we would get a video of him doing his thing and we can put his pictures and video up at the Cat Welfare Society adoption board. We are also thinking of making some cards with his picture and information that we can give out as part of his adoption strategy. 
Jeffrey with his polka dotted clown collar that my sister had sewn for him at the last adoption event. My sister thought he needed something whimsical to attract the crowd. 

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Kari said...

He's such a delightful fellow! He's captivated all of our hearts. We love senior cats and have adopted many. We believe it is better to have a shorter time with a wonderful cat that brings us much joy than a longer time with one that is less so toward us.
He'll be in our prayers. Here's hoping he finds a home that will know how to cherish and care for a senior cat.